The Dying Gaul. A 19th Century Serpentine Marble Sculpture


Depth: 5"

Height: 6.5"

Width: 11"

Period: 19th Century

Location: USA

A 19th Century serpentine marble sculpture of The Dying Gaul.  In 1623  the original marble sculpture of this figure, which measured near two meters in length was discovered at the Villa Ludouisi in Italy . Since then it has been moved a number of times including being restored by Michelangelo. It now resides in Rome at the Capitoline Museum. During the 18th and 19th centuries bronze, plaster and marble copies were made  for some of the great houses of Europe and smaller examples were made in the 19th century in order to be sold to the young nobles of Europe whilst they were visiting Italy as part of their “Grand Tour”. This is a lovely example and a great decorative object.

“A lovely decorative Grand Tour marble sculpture dating from the 19th century."