An Original Mid Century Maison Charles Lamps.


Circa: 1960's-70's

Height: 31"

Width: 14"

Period: Mid-Century

Location: Hungerford

An original mid-century lamp and shade signed by Maison Charles. Maison Charles is one of the oldest family owned French lighting companies still in operation. They are well known for their early reproductions and bronze and gilt lamps inspired by nature. Maison Charles (sometimes called Maison Charles et fils) was founded by Ernest Charles in 1908. Ernest’s son’s, Emile Albert took over for the company in 1920 and was joined in 1932 by his brother Pierre. During the 1930s, the company was known as Charles Freres. In the late 1950s, Ernest’s grandsons- Jacques and Jean joined the family business. Jacques designed the iconic Inox Collection which included the Organ Lamp (1965). Today the company focuses on made-order bespoke and their lamps from the mid-20th century are highly sought by collectors and buyers especially when retaining their original shades. This lamp is currently wired to UK spec but can be rewired to US spec upon request. 

“Whilst much later examples can be found this is an original example in good condition that retains its original metal shade."