An Early 20th Century Boulle Desk Set Of Superb Quality By J.C Vickery Of Regent Street, London.



Circa: 1900

Period: Edwardian

Location: Hungerford

An early 20th century Boulle desk set by J.C. Vickery.  J.C Vickery were gold and silversmith retailers, based in Regent Street, London in the late 19th/early part of the 20th century. The firm was founded by John Collard Vickery and his partner Arthur Thomas Hobbes when they bought out William Griggs a stationer and bookseller with premises on Regent Street, London in 1890. They expanded their stock to include gold and silver items, jewellery and dressing cases. The partnership with Hobbs was dissolved in 1891, and Vickery on his own went on to expand the Regent Street store in 1900. He also obtained a large number of Royal Warrants to the royalty of Europe including the King and Queen of England (Edward VII and Alexandra), The Kings of Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the King and Queen of Denmark, the Queen of Norway and the Prince and Princess of Schleswig Holstein. 

The set consists of a double picture frame, desk diary pad and blotter – all of which are of superb quality and a great colour. The boulle work is in perfect condition and the picture frame is stamped by J.C. Vickery.

Picture Frame: 10″ w, 8.5″ high, Diary Pad: 5.5″ wide, 8.5″ high




“A desk set of fabulous quality by the leading London maker J.C Vickery of Regent Street."