A Superb 19th Century Centre Table By Gillow



Circa: 1843

Height: 29"

Width: 56"

Period: William IV

Location: Hungerford

A superb 19th century centre table. Made from goncalo alves (which is a type of rosewood), the table has a highly figured top with a dragoon moulding. It stands on a base that is wonderfully carved including distinctive scaly claw & ball feet. It is a good untouched colour and stands really well. Whilst not stamped, it is impossible to argue that this table is not by Gillow as a know suite of furniture is documented to have been commission by John Hargreaves from Gillow in 1843 which included a pair of card tables made from the same timber, with identical mouldings and distinctive caw & ball feet. These card tables are illustrated in Susan Stuart’s two volume book on Gillow and it is noted that a loo table was part of the suite.

“An absolutely superb centre table by Gillow with wonderfully carved feet."