A Solid Oak Early Mid-Century Cabinet By Heals of London


Circa: 1936, mid-century

Depth: 19.5"

Height: 36"

Width: 53.5"

Period: Early 19th Century

Location: Hungerford

An oak early mid-century cabinet by Heals of London. Made from solid oak, this cabinet has a central bank of drawers that are flanked by cupboards. It stands on end supports that are joined with a platform base stretcher and the top drawer has an engraved Heals of London label. It is a lovely golden colour and of good quality. This cabinet was sold by Heals in 1936 and this is the first time it has been offered for sale since then as it has remained in the family ever since.

“Since being sold in 1936 by Heals of London, this is the first time this cabinet its been offered for sale since it was originally bought by the family"