A set of six 19th century limestone engraved lithographs of Nicholas, Tsar of Russia’s armour collection by Alois Rockstuhl (1798-1877)


Circa: 1850

Height: 25.5"

Width: 19"

Period: Mid 19th Century

Location: USA

A rare set of SIX limestone lithographs of Nicholas, Tsar of Russia’s arms and armour collection. During the 19th century the arms and armour collection of Tsar Nicholas was considered to have been one of the worlds finest. It was illustrated by Alois Rockstuhl and a serious of limestone lithographs were produced. Due to the fragility of the limestone used in printing the lithographs only a limited number were ever produced. The quality of these lithographs is superb and they have been now been mounted and framed.

“The quality of these rare lithographs is excellent and hung together they make a wonderful grouping."