A Set Of Four Pastel & Pencil Studies Of Cowboys


Height: 21"

Width: 25.5"

Period: 20th century

Location: Hungerford

A set of four pastel drawings by Leslie Benenson (1941-2018). Leslie Benenson was a member of the RA (Royal Academy) in London and exhibited her work there on several occasions. She was a very good equestrian artist and with her fluid sketching style, often in pastel and pencil, she brilliantly caught the movement and character of horses. In the early 1990’s she travelled to the USA and sketched/painted the horses there, especially the rodeo horses, quarter horses and cowboys. This set of four drawings are unusual in that they are very much rapid sketches without colour that she would have executed whilst watching a rodeo. Indeed, it is the only set of four like this that I have had. I have framed them with double mounts and they are in hand painted frames.

“A great looking set of four pastel and pencil drawings that will have real impact on any wall and that really catch the character of the cowboy riding a bucking bronco."