A Rare George III Side/Work Table With Removable Legs


Circa: 1775

Depth: 18"

Height: 28"

Width: 22.5"

Period: 18th century

Location: Hungerford

Made from figured Cuban mahogany, the table is banded in both kingwood and satinwood. It retains the original brass knob handles and has a work bag that can be removed if required. A very unusual feature is the fact that the legs are removable as they have brass threads. Normally such a feature would be found on campaign furniture but such furniture is often fairly robust to stand the riggers of being on campaign. This table however is very fine quality and only the finest timbers have been used. Being a work table it could be that the table was designed to travel with the lady of the in her  coach when she moved between her country estate and town house. Due to its slightly deeper depth than normal the table will make an ideal end table.

"A rare side table that's a great size an excellent quality and colour."