A Rare George III London Bracket Clock & Original Wall Bracket


Circa: 1785

Height: 36.5"

Width: 13.5"

Period: 18th century

Location: USA

Of excellent quality, this George III balloon clock is veneered in well figured Cuban mahogany. It has an hourly striking movement and having recently been serviced, the clock is in good working order. Incredibly the clock retains its original wall bracket and like the clock, is an excellent untouched colour. Due to its distinctive shape this style of clock, is known as a balloon clock and the excellent quality of this clock is reflected both in the level of cabinet making seen in the case and by it having an adjustable pendulum which would be used to ensure accuracy of time keeping. The height of the actual clock is 25 inches and the wall bracket measures 13.5 inches wide.

“A superb London bracket clock with the original wall bracket."