A Rare And Large Vintage US Naval Flag From USS New York.



Circa: 1911

Height: 50"

Width: 87"

Location: Hungerford

This 13 Star American flag is made from wool bunting and pieced together. The stars are arranged in a 3-2-3-2-3 grouping which is known as a Francis Hopkins pattern and stitched together using a zig-zag pattern, as would be expected for the era. The zig-zag stitch was patented in 1892 and became the most common stitching as its advantage is that the stars can be rough cut and the the rough cut edges are subsequently hidden by the stitches. The linen hoist has 5 brass grommets. During the 19th century, for its smaller-sized ensigns, the U.S. Navy used a 13-star flag which became known as the “boat flag” due to its predominant use on Naval boats. The Navy appears to have started this practice in the 1850s and it is formally documented in the Navy Regulations of 1864. The reason for the lesser number of stars was so that the stars in a smaller size flag would have greater visibility at a distance. Because they flew smaller-sized ensigns, the US Navy’s first submarines and destroyers in the early 20th century also used the 13-star ensigns. In 1912, President Taft formally recognized the Navy’s longstanding use of the 13-star ensign in Executive Order 1637, which defined the flag’s precise dimensions. These boat flags formal recognition lasted just four more years however as President Wilson, acting through Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels, discontinued the practice in 1916 with Executive Order 2390. After this time all ensigns were supposed to have the full complement of stars. This flag was purchased directly from Robert Lilly whos grandfather, Patrick Francis Fernan (1869-1958) served on the USS New York (ACR-2; Armored Cruiser) from 1901-1911. She was renamed USS Saratoga on February 16th, 1911 in order to make the name “New York” available for a new battleship, the USS New York (BB-34). When the USS New York was renamed, he kept the original flag from his ship, the USS New York. This flag is framed and on the right wall, will look absolutely stunning.

“A large US Naval flag that will look fabulous on the right wall and that has a known provenance."