A Pair Of Large Early 19th Century Grand Tour Urns Similar To Those At Stratfield Saye


Circa: 1820

Height: 25.5"

Width: 8.5"

Period: 19th Century

Location: Hungerford

A pair of large early 19th century Grand Tour Rosa Antico marble vases that are nigh identical to a pair at The Duke of Wellingtons country home, Stratfield House. During the 18th and early 19th century, as part of  finishing their education the young nobles would travel around Europe. They would often buy pieces of art which were then shipped back to their family Stately homes. It was for this reason that the great houses of England managed to build such wonderful collections of art, sculpture and objects. These vases would have been purchased in Italy during the Regency period and infact a near identical pair of marble urns are to be found at  Stratfield Saye, which is the Stately home that the grateful nation purchased for Arthur Wellelsey (the Duke of Wellington) after Waterloo. The urns are to be found on a large fireplace in one of the entrance halls (see illustration).

“A stylish pair of large Grand Tour Vases that would almost certainly have been bought for one of the good houses of England."