A Late 17th Century Hand Coloured Map Of Wiltshire By Richard Blome


Circa: 1700

Height: 19.5"

Width: 17"

Period: 17th Century

Location: Hungerford

A 17th century hand coloured map of the English county of Wiltshire by the London map maker Richard Blome  (1660-1705).  The map would have been printed during the late 17th/early 18th century and this map is in very good condition. It would have been hand coloured  after printing and it shows the county of Wiltshire with the 17th century spellings of the town names and it is interesting to note how the spelling of some of the  towns in the county have change from this period to their current spelling today. The map is framed and in great condition for a map that is around three hundred years old.

“A great piece of late 17th century history that highlights how the spelling of the English language has changed during the last three hundred years"