A Georgian London Made Dome Top Bracket Clock By Vesper Of Limehouse



Circa: 1810

Depth: 7.5"

Height: 12.5"

Width: 9.75"

Period: Regency

Location: Hungerford

This London clock is by of Limehouse in London. It is made in Cuban mahogany and has a bonnet top above an enamelled face. The clock has a fusee movement and the back plate is engraved by Vesper with the clock striking each hour. Vesper of London was working during the Regency period and this is a fine example. It stands lower than many bracket clocks making it useful for places where a normal height racket clock would be too tall.

“A great looking Georgian London bracket clock that is slightly lower in height than usual thus making it ideal for many ideal many places where a normal height bracket clock would be too tall."