A George III Cuban Mahogany Three Tier Dumb Waiter



Circa: 1755

Height: 40"

Width: 24"

Period: George III

Location: Hungerford

A George III, three tier dumb waiter. Made from Cuban mahogany, the dumb waiter has three graduating trays that measure 14.5″, 19″ and 23.5″ wide. It stands on an elegant splay base with bold pad feet that retain their original plate casters. It is a good rich colour, a heavy weight and there are no cracks to the trays.

Dumb waiters are named as they would be stood in the corner of the dining room and at the end of the evening the staff would leave and guests would help themselves to cheeses and sweet treats from the stocked dumb waiter. As was normal at the end of a society dinner party they would gossip about the latest scandals but be safe in the knowledge that the waiter wouldn’t repeat their stories. Hence the term “dumb waiter”.

“Dumb waiters are ideal for dining or drawing rooms and are perfect for displaying a collection of objects or decanters etc.