A George III Cuban Mahogany Breakfast Table.


Circa: 1790

Depth: 58.5"

Height: 27.5

Width: 42"

Period: Sheraton

Location: Hungerford

A George III breakfast table. Made from Cuban mahogany and with a figured tilt top that has a wide satinwood cross banding and triple reeded edge.  The four splay base is of an unusual design and the legs retain their original brass box casters. The colour and patination are both good as is the overall quality and the added detail of a satinwood cross banding to the top elevates it above the more commonly seen plain breakfast tables.

"I was delighted to be able to buy this table from a local house as it had been in the same family since the late 19th century. It will seat six in comfort but will also seat a cosy eight."