An Extremely Rare 19th Century American Made Flag Of Belgium


Circa: 1876

Height: 35.5"

Width: 46.5"

Period: 19th Century

Location: Hungerford

A rare 19th century American made flag of Belgium. This flag was made in America by The Horstmann brothers of Philadelphia and dates 1876. During the American civil war of 1861-64 the Horstmann brothers supplied the uniforms, flags , buttons and military materials for the Union Army. In 1876 The Centennial Exhibition was held in Philadelphia to celebrate 100 years of Independence from England (it was similar to our own Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace). At the Exhibition the Horstmann brothers exhibited various flags of this exact size including those of a number of European countries. This flag I believe was shown there and is stencilled with their name and the country name Belgium. It is incredibly rare as in this case to know who made a flag, when they made it, why they made it and where it was flown. This flag has been framed behind UV plexi glass and stitched onto a backing that has been treated so that it does not react with the antique fabric of the flag.


“A really great looking and unique Belgium flag with the added bonus that its know who made it, why they made it, where they made it and where it was flown."