A Contemporary Patinated Bronze By Matt Duke Entitled “George”



Height: 21"

Width: 26.5"

Period: Contemporary

Location: Hungerford

“George”. A contemporary patinated bronze of a leaping frog by Matt Duke. Signed and numbered 7/12. This bronze run is strictly limited to 12 only with over half of the edition having already been sold.

Nature is the primary concern of Matt Duke’s art work. Each of his pieces demonstrate a relationship between form and shape. There is an aesthetic beauty in the simplicity of the sculpture, which depends heavily on line and colour and evokes a moment in time captured perfectly in the fascinating medium of bronze. His twenty years experience in the rare skill of patination is evident in the bold and vibrant palette only permitted to this metal. Such hues and tones would not be successful on pieces crowded by texture, but thanks to the contemporary and delicate surface, produced with skilfully carved sharp lines and curved body, the spectrum brings personality and life to each work. The subjects in his earlier works have a more subtle, almost poised stance, whereas his more recent pieces have a fabulous, hypnotic movement, coupled with a focused and determined gaze. Each base, also in bronze, provides a balanced companion to emphasise the narrative in stark, conceptual fashion. Matt Duke has brought a new dimension to the well established subject of the natural world and has combined the skill of the traditional and familiar with the style of the minimal and new age. Matt Duke is represented by Living Art Gallery.

“Matt Duke is a brilliant sculpture who's limited edition bronzes sell out quickly. Already over half of this edition have been sold to buyers around the world".