A Collection of EIGHT Hand Painted & Gilded Heraldic Coats Of Arms Of The Pease Family


Height: 21"

Width: 18"

Period: 19th Century

Location: Hungerford

A  unique collection of EIGHT heraldic coats of arms from the Pease family. Hand painted and gilded, they show the arms of the family from the 18th to 19th century and how the family crest changed through each generation. On the reverse of each painting is the family details relative to the individual family member. Six of the coats of arms have the family motto CONFIDE RECTE AGENS which translates to “Have the confidence to do what is right“. The Pease family were ‘one of the great Quaker industrialist families of the late eighteenth and nineteenth century’s, who played a leading role in philanthropic and humanitarian interests. They were heavily involved in woollen manufacturing, banking, railways, locomotives, mining and politics.



“A wonderful collection of hand painted heraldic shields tracing the Pease family through the late 18th century and 19th century's."